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Our 4 groups are manufacturing your styles with a just in time organisation which allows for a rapid response and deliveries time.
Each group is multipurpose.
Expertise in jersey pieces "soft-dressmaking" and "women tailoring".
During collection time, a special group is set up for small series for all of kind of products


Double and triple driving machines

Double needle machines

Sleeves and shoulder pad assembling machines

Automatic piped pocket machine 

Blind hem machine

Covered seam machines

AMF machines for saddle stitch

Cornely machine for ladder stitch.

Metal particule detector 






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Façonnier de france, fabrication de luxe

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Façonniers confection façonniers textile Façonniers confection façonniers textile Façonniers façonniers confection Façonniers TEXTILE façonniers CONFECTION
fabrication de vêtements de luxe - habillement haute couture - confection de luxe - fabrication Française

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