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In 1972 the story of SOCOVET SISTEM starts in a little factory in the French West Coast. The first owner is surrounded by about thirty people, mostly young dressmakers. The company produces curtains, skirts and pants. Step by step it climbs to a better quality increasing staff and reaching new markets. 

In 1978 the company move in a brand new building, the current place of SOCOVET SISTEM. Starting this time the owner is launching a big investment policy, buying new machines, allowing the compagny to work technical fabrics and a new range of garments, as dresses, jackets and coats. To follow this evolution, the factory is successively enlarged in 1986 and 1989. 

In 1995 it is time for changes : new owner, gradual evolution to the upmarket, and a building extension in 1997.

In 2006, Tony HERBLOT becomes the third owner of the compagny. His aim is to continue the ascent to luxury customers and to diversify the know-how, mainly tailored, to « loose-fitting » and jersey. This is achieved after several internal training programs and with the will of an entire team, 41 people always ready for new challenges.

In early 2007, the society SOCOVET BE is created. It now employs six people. The design office is creating patterns, is making alterations, grading and first sample. It is a real interface between design and production, offering a full range of services to customers.

Today, the story of these compagnies is continuing, helping to rescue the French know-how in fashion.

"We are a traditional company which manufactures high quality products with special techniques. We want to forward our values to young people because we believe that we can be happy working in a compagny which producing « excellence » 







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